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Cricket Equipment


 Amazing cricket bats at quality prices. Willow & Wand was founded in the spring of 2020, and is a lifelong ambition achieved. I have been a passionate cricket player since I was 7 years old and have over 30 years experience in the game.  All Willow & Wand cricket bats are crafted by myself personally, from the finest English Willow, sourced locally and crafted in my Suffolk Workshop.  
My sole objective is to offer the finest kit possible at affordable prices and to keep the customer involved at every stage.


Willow & Wand Products

bat 6.jpg


The Sl06 was the first wand crafted into a stock shape and has been my most popular profile year on year. This bat offers a mid placed profile, duckbill toe design to aid pick up and large edges with minimal concaving, to achieve a superbly balanced pick up, with maximum wood left in the blade.  This bat is finished with a modern square toe, and stunning British racing green and black labels with yellow grip. 

2023 Price List 

Grade 3 - £259

Grade 2 - £329

Grade 1 - £389


The AM18 
Is a 1/2 inch shorter blade option popular for the shorter format and modern game.  The shorter blade allows for more wood to be left in the blade, creating a powerful full profiled bat.  Traditional rounded toe with large edges, minimal concaving and a mid/low profile with a spine that’s rounded off towards the toe. 
Finished in stunning Gold and Black labels with black grip, creating a standout bat.
Available in Grade 1, 2 and 3 English willow, with ideal weight range of 2lb 10oz and upwards 
2023 Price List 
Grade 3 - £259
Grade 2 - £329
Grade 1 - £389

bat a5.jpg
EH 1.jpg


The EH21 offers the lightest option in the range, with a full spine profile, providing a long driving area, large edges with a moderate amount of concaving, making this a bat suited to those that like a lightweight bat.  This model is available in both standard blade length or 1/2 inch shorter blade length. 

Finished in stunning electric blue labels and white grip for a classically stylish look.
Available in grade 1, 2 or 3 English willow with weights starting from 2lb 8oz.

2023 Price List 
Grade 3 - £259
Grade 2 - £329
Grade 1 - £389

Pads & Gloves

The selection of products manufactured for Willow & Wand Cricket Bats are designed to meet the needs of every player regardless,  if its on the village green or the professional circuit.  Designed to offer the best levels of comfort, style,  protection and value and avaible in youths and mens sizes.

split finger glove.jpg

Batting Gloves

Batting Pads

Pad 2.jpg
Batting glove.jpg

Batting Gloves


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Looking for something that is not advertised on my site, simply contact me today.

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