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Bat Repairs & Services

In addition to crafting handmade bats,Willow & Wand also offers a full range of bat repair services, bat refurbishments and preparation services. 

Please note prices are exclusive of return postage and this will be calculated and invoiced once work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Services & Price List
Re-handle - £75

 Full Refurbishment £55
Weight Reduction £60
 Half Refurbishment £35
Hand Knocking In £35

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This service uses the finest 12 piece cane handles, expertly fitted into the splice of the blade and shaped to your desired shape. The bat will then be fully refurbished and supplied back to you plain or with our refurbished wand labels £75

Full Bat Refurbishment 

This service allows your bat to be brought back to life. 

Full removal of the stickers and scuff sheets allows a full inspection of your bat to be carried out. Any damage will then be repaired. This includes, edge cracks, toe splits and feathering to the toe, as well as a full sanding of the blade, rear of the blade and edges through a 4 stage sanding process before being buffed and polished. New grip and scuff sheet is then applied along with edge tape fitted. £50

Weight Reduction 

This service will require the removal of all stickers on the rear of the bat, weight will then be removed whilst at all times aiming to keep the shape and profile of the bat as near to original as possible. The bat will then be sanded and polished.  All weight reduction work is at the discretion of myself as how much weight that can be reduced will depend very much on the size and profile of the bat in its original condition.  Weight reductions will normally be between 1oz to 2oz of dead scale weight being removed. Once completed full refurbishment of blade and edges is carried out £60

Half Refurbishment 

This service allows the original stickers to be retained.  The scuff sheet will be removed and like the full refurbishment, any damage to the edges and toe of the bat, will be repaired as well as the edges and blade being sanded through the same 4 stage sanding process. This will be finished with a new grip & scuff sheet. £35

Hand Knocking In Service 

This takes away that annoying time consuming process of getting your new bat ready to take into the nets. Please be aware this service does not mean that your bat will be ready to face a brand new ball in match situations.  This is dependant on the standard of cricket played and the quality of balls used.  Your bat will receive 3 hours of careful hand preparation, using a 800g lignum vitae mallet.Once this is completed your bat will be waxed and a scuff sheet fitted. £35

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